Max Bellamy’s cinematography skillfully combines technical prowess and creative flair. His broad skill-set aside from film-making gives his camerawork an outside the square perspective; a confident voice that is distinctly his own. Max was nominated for best cinematographer at the 2013 Show Me Shorts Film Festival for his work as D.O.P on ‘Home’ (dir. Thomas Gleeson, 2012). Home was celebrated worldwide at Hot Docs, Big Sky, Palm Springs, NZ international and many more prestigious festivals. Roger Donaldson called it “A beautifully photographed minimalist documentary.” His most recent project, *The Characteristics of C Minor* (dir./D.O.P Max Bellamy) was commissioned by the BBC and was described as “beautifully realized” by Paul Casserly/NZ Herald. A successful full-time freelancer since 2010, Max is keen to start a conversation about your project.